Worker training program students graduation ceremony2016.05.07

On January 30, 2016, launched jointly by wal-mart foundation and BSR launched the main supplier for wal-mart worker training program A class graduation ceremony was held 4 / f., east conference room in my company.Class A total of 50 women students took part in the depth of the commencement of the training, and at the graduation ceremony to share their thoughts about to attend classes, lessons and experience.Brave speak out on the job, life style before their own wrong, and the transformation of the training and planning for the future work, their best quotes and feeling to share won warm applause and a high degree of recognition.
Students attended the lecture come to monitor, salesman, also has a grass-roots staff.They were in the depth of 12.5 days of training has its own harvest, realized that some previous work, way of thinking is not conducive to work and family issues, and have a lot of feelings:
"After training I aware of their emotional intelligence also need to improve, I have changed, and is a positive change."
"I will choose work before, but now I realize that this might disturb management rhythm, affect the normal work assignment..."
"Parent-child education training, I can better handle relationships with children, and family relationship..."
"Learn by eq management course, I can swap more shoes, thinking of consider the feelings of each other.......
"I pay more attention to health, more like sports....
Overall, compared to women workers training program and there is no difference in female project workers, trained workers, more confident, more passionate to work and efficiency, higher expectations of work and life, deal with relationship with others will have more skill, can consider to use eq management own affairs, to better deal with their own work and family life.
Sincerely hope that they can have a better life planning after the training, can apply their learned knowledge to and to share, to boost morale among employees around, better development provides a strong guarantee for the company, and look forward to B phase of the students have a better performance.
The graduation ceremony, the company to give each student a graduation gift, and took a group photo.

Foundation funding in 2013, wal-mart BSR three-year Chinese worker training program, to select the wal-mart supplier team performance excellent 45 factories in 15 hours, 26000 employees to provide the necessary life and leadership skills training, including new employees adapt ability, effective communication, emotion management, occupational health, wealth management and professional specifications;Goal is to motivate workers in the factory for companion to share education, fully arouse the enthusiasm of them;Through in-depth training, let the employees focus on career development and leadership skills, promote women's leadership.
Began in 2015, BSR launch depth training program, the goal is to training 100 has good potential in each project factory workers, let them learn problem analysis ability and judgment ability, depth of financial knowledge, basic management role cognition, lean production and management skills.




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