Several kinds of using new material towel products introduction2016.05.09

Chitin fiber  
Chitin is a special kind of cellulose, but also rare in the nature of the positively charged alkaline polysaccharide.Chitin is widely found in insects, aquatic crustaceans of the shell and in the cell walls of fungi, algae, chitin biosynthesis of years on earth volume of 10 billion tons, is a kind of reserves is second only to the plant fiber and its rich organic renewable resources.Chitin avirulent, without excitant, is a very safe with the material of the body, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostasis, analgesia, promoting wound healing, and other functions, but also can improve human immunity, and is widely used in medical and health care, food, textile and other industries.Chitin fiber towel products with unparalleled safety, good moisture absorption moisture performance and lasting softness;To preserve human skin micro ecological balance, promote wound healing, inflammation, improve the performance of human body immunity;A lasting selective antibacterial antibacterial performance;Can be natural degradation in nature, is a typical green environmental protection product, the most suitable for penetration.
 bamboo fiber
The growth of the bamboo fiber is used widely for bamboo and processed into a kind of natural, green, environmentally friendly new textile material.Bamboo fiber towel products have good moisture absorption, put wet, permeability, has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, odor-proof uv protection function.Dyed bright, soft, close skin sex good, feel is good in cotton after repeated washing.
 of richcel fiber
Richcel fiber is a renewable alpine coniferous developments wood as raw material with POLYNOSIC special technology to produce a kind of green environmental protection product.Richcel fiber towel products have good wet modulus, good strength (including wet strength), natural, close skin luster.Soft, good elasticity, good wet moisture absorption.The fiber from the production, use, scrap are not affect the environment.
 modal fiber 
Modal fiber raw material from the growth of the loop ju wood, can be natural degradation, is the highest recognition of green fiber.Modal fiber towel products with soft, absorbent strong, colour is gorgeous, repeatedly washing remain soft, and keep persistent characteristics.
viscose fiber 
Viscose fiber and rayon, ice silk, viscose filament.Viscose with cotton or other natural fiber as raw material to produce the cellulose fibre, is the most common type of regenerated cellulose fiber.Because of its range, price moderate and widely used in textile production.Viscose fiber absorbent towel products, soft, bright color, can be natural degradation, but the disadvantage is that its production is slightly polluted, after wet strength is low, do not use.
"Corn fiber"
Corn fiber is corn as raw material, after fermentation to produce polylactic acid, and then polymerization spinning, it is currently the only with synthetic fiber (polyester)




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